by Devalued

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Jennifer Gruber
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Jennifer Gruber I bought this twice to atone for forgetting how good these dudes are.

I don't think it's humanly possible for a band to get heavier or dirtier than this. Benthic hardcore. Detritus hardcore. Favorite track: Coke Dick.
Ron Deuce
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Ron Deuce Devalued dabble in grind but there’s also a punk/hardcore/D-beat vibe with a dash of sludge. Most of the songs on their demo, Plagues feature this cross pollination of genres throughout it’s 10 tracks, but it doesn’t sound forced; they blend all the styles seamlessly. Favorite track: Coke Dick.
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released September 14, 2012



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Devalued Miami, Florida

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Track Name: This Town is Full of Goobers
"Don't bother saying a word, nothing will come out worth listening for;
You say you can't relate to me because I don't drink, but it's your mind that's fucking thirsty for some knowledge not me.
But I guess it's easier to destroy your life--you don't need to be straight edge to have some motherfucking common sense--I guess you're just a typical fucking runt, that's why I can't stand being in this town, I oughta burn it to the ground. This town is fucking full of goobers, this town is fucking full of goobers.

Broward county, suck my dick
Don't wanna deal with your bullshit, don't wanna deal with your shit
Shitty people and shittier scene,
Where drug addictions, and goobers live.

Broward county, Gooberville
Home of boredom and stupid shits.
Empty bottles, and purples dicks
Pregnant scene queens, you make me sick.
Track Name: Abysmal
Arrows are flung at invisible suns,
To fracture the spines of their thread-woven hearts

In search of life's gold, some go far and wide
But only northward and southward where the shores freeze our pride.
To find what's in search, man must trade his compass,
Look beyond its' dimension, into knowledge trespass.

Don't deny, that man alone invented meaning.
Don't take part, in grandiose notions, frightened feelings.

Nature looks to us unbound, we are not to be in shrouds.

Know that life, life has no inherent meaning.
Don't take part in this senseless rebellion to life.
Track Name: Coke Dick
Lost in pleasure, rising tension
Addiction left your dick to rot,
Your winks and smiles will be for naught.

In primitive rage, you jump into bed,
And notice that something is wrong.
Coke dick has come, and your time is gone,
Coition you will know no more.

Trousers down–you forget–coke dick!
You look and you think, “Coke dick, no!”
Track Name: Mandark
Vultures at bay, in fear they prey

Lost in
Lost in a rain of scentless trails

Birds without prey will fly in vain
Holes in their arms, the sun will make
Into Earth's grave, you'll dissipate;
This soil is your womb and dying bed, to exist again.
Track Name: Vices
Manufacture drying hens
crack me open, oozing sense.
Spotted victims drained to dread
waste their products, fill them with lead
Exploit resources, grow rich and old
Burn them endlessly, drink liquid gold
Smash the seeds of future lives
While you snort their ashes, in ceaseless vice

Vices reign, cycles wane
Vices reign, cycles wane

Amass them all in liquid grime
panoramic grief concoction
Trapped in hell, the heating time
The end ensues; alas, consumption!
Transporting carcass, hearse to morgue
Laid to rest in wooden box
Ingurgitating raging orgy
Left astink, waste of ox

And down the oceans of this strife,
Wasted corpses without life
Ride the tide to promised nowhere's
Track Name: Lands and Titles
Rest your throne, put to sleep the dying moans
of children slaughtered, of children drawn,
and quartered in spirits, to mental drones.

As slaves we think, maybe we are
Slaves to voices in our conscience
Slaves to be freed from inside,
Inside the stages of pretense stages.

Peasant futures, debts are owed,
Lives are taken, no coin bestowed.
As abstract concepts muddle thoughts,
Where does one freeze, when does on thaw?

Diverge yourself from what you are
Transcend the virtues of present tenses
Let us not reopen scars
Let us not find our men, lands and titles as the same

Your mind as a prisoner
knows not how a prison errs
To justify one's murders
To find life's unseen borders
Track Name: Crack Money
Crack your vault, rob yourself
of your wealth, live for less
won't confess, you're possessed

Prostituted ancestry, you've sold your soul
on these streets where the rain burns through
teeth and the trees fall down unseen.

From doom-ridden shores, and ambiguous skies
they set sail through salts and were carried alike
by the winds of Regression, winds of Enterprise
with yellow-tainted stomachs and gold in their hearts

Now your ghosts roam these flatlands, deep in my bones
Your presence so subtle, a time-fleeting throne.
The marrow of morals, brittle as straw
Now we breed the heir into gold-coated lungs.

These eyes now can see the weak
The weak forms of life we seek.
Don't let yourself believe
That modern life is all there is.
Track Name: Pushed Around
Demons engulf us, demons within
We have no control of these mental machines
Yesterday's instincts are now adrenaline sins
Impulsive repenters forever in grief

Psychosis abridges itself on the weak, minded as if, minded to be.

Can't control my-
self and my body are slaves in a bridge
To my own men-
talons and forces that slave me and reach
My soul's deepest-
Trenches and forces cannot protect me,
pushed and harassed by intangible beings
These trenches and forces cannot protect me,
Pushed and harassed by intangible beings
Track Name: In Paralysis
Limbs, lungs, and tendons numb
At the bite of unseen tongues
To indifference; Will I find my remedy?


"Take no vaccine..."
(With the venoms of choices, our heads fill with noises)
"...Free, only in sleep"

With heart and limbs immobilized
I take this blessing's gift with-death's freedom.
Track Name: Boulders
Turn my bones into sand, erode me in vain
Wash my grains in your ocean and rain.

Cerebral lobotomy, tie me to chains
Wrapped in the arms of indifferent pain.

On four in the spring, born on predestined days;
On two in the summer in half-noble parades.

On weakened sinews, we fall with the interned,
Until you break our bastions in cold-fire winters.

Rust of the tongue, waste of the brain
Sysiphus lives in us awake.
Boulders and thorns, we become from earth
In sands our bones now await.
Boulders and thorns, we beacon from earth
Into plains of pure nothingness.